Although structural engineers deal with the calculations of structures to withstand the forces of gravity, wind and earthquake, they are different based on their specialization when it comes to building structures (exclude: bridges, tunnels and infrastructure), we can simply categorize them into two different groups as follows:

  • New Buildings:

In the case of a new building, the owner of the property, not only needs the service of a Structural Engineer, but he needs the service of other professionals such as a Land Surveyers, Soil Engineers, Architects, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers including energy calculations, Fire Sprinkler Engineers, etc.

  • Existing Buildings:

When it comes to existing buildings especially for seismic retrofitting, the need for other engineers and architects will not be necessary except for the structural engineer. The structural engineer will prepare the plans either by searching the Building Department archives or direct measurement of the building and its structural components. After the plans are prepared, they may use the service of a third party (Expeditor) for plan submittal or ask the owner to submit.

Matrix Seismic Group not only does the full aspects of engineering (measurement, Auto CAD drawings, design, details), but we do the permit processing from filing to approval without any additional charge.

What is the Permit Processing?

Permit Processing, simply means to submit the plans to the City Building Officials and get the various department approvals for issuance of the approved plans for construction.

The plans may go to different departments such as Planning & Zoning, Historical Committee, Building & Accessibility, Mechanical & Energy (Title 24) calculation, Fire, Electrical. Plumbing, Sidewalk maintenance, Notary & Recording, Housing & Notice Of Violations (NOV), Sewer, etc.  This process may be triggered by alteration, addition, seismic upgrade, Notice Of Violation, prior construction without permit or complain.

Most Architects and Engineers charge the owner a fee for the permit processing due to time which they need to spend in preparation and at the Building Department. The owner may choose a third party expeditor for permit processing.

In addition to engineering and permit processing, Matrix Seismic Group provides Structural Report (different from the inspection report such as termite, electrical, a/c, etc.) on foundations and structural components of the building for banks and underwriters when the building changes hands or the owner refinances.