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About Us

About Us

Matrix Seismic Group is a Design-Build firm which provides a full range of engineering and construction. Although we are a Design-Build firm, we do bid projects by other consulting firms, in this case the owner will get the benefit of our value engineering, free of charge, which ultimately will be less costly to complete the project prior to receiving the cost estimate.

The Top 10 Reasons you should consider the Design-Build approaches are:

1. In a Design-Build contract the building owner has the advantage of knowing the engineering and construction prices prior to contract agreement.
2. In a Design-Build contract there is no change order due to unforeseen conditions unless it is initiated by the owners outside of the contract. The industry trend is a 15% to 30% of the contract price in the form of change orders to be added to the original contract price during the course of construction. In the middle of the construction with a regular construction contract, the owner often has no choice but to accept the change orders.


3. In a Design-Build contract the owner will know the inclusions and exclusions of the contract prior to signing the agreement.
4. In a Design-Build contract the owner does not need to pay additional fees to the engineer for the Structural Observation in addition to the third party, special Inspection fees.
5. In a Design-Build contract the job will proceed faster. If any detail changes are required they will be done on the spot without delay. There is no need to make an appointment with the architect or engineer for the answer which will cause delay and stop construction.
6. In a Design-Build contract the owner will eliminate the cost of printing in order to receive a construction estimate from other contractors.
7. In a Design-Build contract the owner saves time by not coordinating with the architect, or engineer during the initial job walk to receive the construction estimate.
8. The architectural and structural consulting companies do not have an accurate concept of the cost of the construction. In order to protect themselves they usually provide a high estimate (some times as high as two or three times) to the City Official at the time of plan submittal, which results in the owner paying several thousand dollars more than necessary for the permitting.
9. In a regular construction contract when there may be a dispute the contractor will blame the engineer and the architect and vice verse.
10. In a regular contract most of the architectural and consulting firms have a short list of contractors which they work with and recommend to the owner for construction. Standard industry practice shows any consulting architectural and structural firms recommend a pool of contractors, they also may benefit from the contractors for their recommendations.

Our Team

Our Team

Sample Projects


I would like to commend your company on successful completion, within the budget of the seismic retrofit, of our apartment building at 1830 Jackson Street, San Francisco. Looking back, it is amazing that a project of this magnitude and complexity could have been achieved quite so smoothly and on time. This would not have been achieved without your background in seismic retrofit. Your plan was efficient and extremely economical. The work was professional and competent. Many thanks for your courtesy and professional manner with which you handled all of the tenants. As you know, choosing the right company can be a crap-shoot. This time we hit the jackpot.
Daniel K. McGue, Paragon Real Estate, San Francisco, CA
I contracted your firm to undertake the structural upgrading of two of my properties in the City of San Francisco. You had been highly recommended by a colleague who is a major developer in the Bay Area. Having successfully completed the two projects I would recommend you to any prospective client. Your knowledge and skills in the field of structural engineering are outstanding. You were able to produce engineering plans for both of my buildings, that were practical and economical, minimizing unnecessary construction costs. Your procedures and workmanship were well done. I have found you to be a man of exceptional character who is deeply committed to achieving a high standard in his work.
Mark Casagranda
Real Estate Investments,
San Francisco, CA
“IWe have worked with Mr. Vahdani for over ten (10) years and I highly recommend
Mr. Vahdani and his firm. Mr. Vahdani and his firm have provided solutions which are creative and cost effective. Additionally, he is a pleasure to work with. 
Daniel Croley,
Senior Vice President Grosvenor Properties Ltd,
San Francisco, CA
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